{Travel Notes} Going Back Home

A happy family is but an earlier heaven – George Bernard Shaw

I came into the house with the slight feeling to be there for the first time. Although my eyes recognized the mosaics on the walls and the warm woody smell remained the same, it felt like the adult version of myself was an outsider. I then realized it was only the second time I go back home, in ten years. I was absent for such a long time.

Then, it all started to come back to me. Sunny afternoons, laughter, children’s games we used to play, the salty breeze from the beach near the house, red roses, the sound of music and of course, that magnificent palm tree under which I dreamed on for so many years. It was my grandparent’s house but I had there my best souvenirs. I remembered our family gatherings – within these walls – on week-ends and holidays, our weddings celebrations in the cosy ballroom, the brunch in the garden, newborns and funeral dinners… It was all there. My childhood and teenage years. I was absent for so long, but the young girl inside me haven’t really left. I loved it just as much!

Perhaps that among the reasons I’m so attached to it, it’s my grandfather’s design and construction. He’s very fond of Moroccan craftsmanship with traditional materials. He designed himself the gypsum ceiling boards, and made a plaster man handwork his sketching with a precision that goes beyond reason. unwillingly, he initiated me to Art when I was very young through his very own career (and I love it when people tell me I got my artistic side from him).

His story is outstanding.

He moved to the city when he was only 11, alone and almost without any money. Progressively, he went through small jobs, saved his money, learned, invested and ended up at the head of a successful construction company, real estate and agriculture production. He’s a self-made man’s definition, and if anything was to be learned from him – Never, never let your fears come across your ambitions. Decide what you want, and go get it.

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  1. Caro T

    Heartfelt and likeable piece! You’re authentic to yourself, and that’s the way to go. Your grandfather seems to be great!

    1. FatiZed

      Very glad you enjoyed the article Caro, it’s rare when I talk about myself or my family on the blog, but I felt it was worth sharing :) Thank you for your comment and good words!

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