{Le Monde Est Beau} Sainte-Justine Au Coeur Du Monde’s Annual Gala

When asked whether he’d be Sainte-Justine Au Coeur Du Monde‘s spokesperson next year, Etienne Drapeau smiled and said: “Not only next year, but next few years. The cause is incredible and the team does an amazing work.” I couldn’t agree more. It all started about nine years ago, a wonderful initiative from  Dr. Poirier and Dr. Miro. Twice a year, Sainte-Justine’s medical staff leave to developing countries, and do free surgeries on children who have heart malformations – while transferring their knowledge to the local medical team in a sustainable way.

We do around 60 surgeries per mission, which comes down to 8-10 per day. To give you an idea how intense this is, we do about two per day here in Montreal” explained Dr Riahi, member of the organization. After 4 missions in Casablanca and 6 missions in Aswan, Egypt, the group is heading for the first time next week to Heart Center of Ethiopia – located at Adis Abeba. The challenge is tremendous since it’s the only heart center available for 80 million people. Can you imagine ?

Lynda Thalie and Corneille also joined their voices to Etienne Drapeau‘s to support the team. Around 350 guests gathered last sunday night to support financially the organization and pay tribute to the wonderful members.  Yves Jean Lacasse introduced exclusively his new collection – Taking our breath away – that I’ll be showing you guys in the next few days. Going down the stairs to head out, my last vision was Etienne Drapeau, singing the chorus of his song “Le Monde Est Beau” on scene. After what I saw that night, it sure is!

Ladies And Gents, now the best looks!


Etienne drapeau, Sainte-Justine Au Coeur du Monde’s Spokesperson


Dami, Socialite & Friend


Corneille, Singer


Lynda Thalie, Gorgeous singer!


Erby Joseph, Marketing coordinator and perfume creator



Dr. Mounir Riahi

Dr. Mounir Riahi


Stunning guest and pal



Model for Yves Jean Lacasse’s show




Jayka, also Yves Jean’s model, and guest




Mrs. Zailachi, Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco, and husband


Yves Jean Lacasse and Dr Poirier


Lynda Thalie, performing

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  1. Erby Joseph

    Great night, great people, great article Fatized
    Thanks you Montreal Fashion Blog to support such events

    Erby Joseph

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